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Colorado State University
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Bennett, Colorado 80102  USA

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Manufacturer & Distributor of quality Horticultural, Nursery, and Landscape products






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HORT Industries Ltd. is a USA based manufacturer of high quality professional horticultural products. HORT products are sold and distributed to Greenhouse, Nursery, Wholesale and Consumer Retailers throughout North America. All HORT products are designed, tested, assembled, packaged, and distributed at a low cost right here in the USA.


What We Do

What Makes Us Different

The biggest thing that separates HORT Industries Ltd. from the competition is innovation. Innovation in the form of machines that can assemble products without the need of a human operator. By utilizing proprietary automated machinery that is fast and efficient, labor costs are drastically reduced while producing finished products quickly. This innovative technology allows HORT to manufacture quality products in smaller batches which keeps inventory overhead low while substantially reducing operating costs.

HORT Industries Ltd. has managed to further separate themselves from the competition by using domestically sourced materials whenever possible. By using domestically sourced materials HORT helps secure American jobs while permitting much greater control over material costs and production times. Additionally, the quality of American made materials is far superior to any equivalent import product.

The savings obtained by HORT's innovative efficiencies are passed along to the customer by selling USA made products at a very competitive price.